Take A Sexy Massage to the Next Level

There’s nothing better than taking a load off your legs and having a very relaxing rubdown turn into something a lot hotter. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or are visiting the city for vacation, the selection of sexy models will blow your mind (and something else). Read on to learn everything you need to know to have a perfect visit.

Without making it too much of a stereotype, Asian masseuses are certainly the best around, because they definitely combine the sexiness of a hot escort experience with the expertise of getting a perfect massage that mixes the relaxing with the sexiness. Without a doubt, an Asian escort massage London-based experience is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Types of Massages

When it comes to a great erotic massage, the way the masseuse lays her hands on you is just the start. While you are definitely already thinking about where the massage will lead to, this is also a chance to have a real massage, where they can work and rubdown any parts of you that might need attention. The more ‘real’ it starts, the better it will get when she starts to get between your legs.

A massage is also a great way to try some role-playing because you can have the model pretend she is a regular masseuse who just can’t resist taking it to the next level because your body is really turning her on. And sometimes this can even start in the shower at her flat or the hotel room because getting all nice and clean together can be a very hot start.

Nuru massage involves plenty of massage oil or lotion, but instead of her rubbing it up and down your own skin, she rubs it all over her body and then rubs herself all over you! It’s definitely a very memorable and slippery experience.

If you want to take it slow and really let the pleasure build, then you can have a lot of fun by trying out a Tantric Massage (sometimes known as Lingam Massage). While following a Tantric lifestyle can include a lot of changes in terms of health, exercise and meditation, there is definitely a part of it that involves the erotic.

Tantric sex involves deep breathing and repeated actions in certain positions, and to ‘ride the wave’ of pleasure up and down to keep the always wonderful finishing moments at bay, until you can’t hold out any longer. Likewise, tantric massage involves plenty of ‘delays of gratification’, but only so that it increases the quality of the ending. This might mean that after plenty of teasing and exertion, the masseuse will go back to rubbing your arms and legs slowly, to ease you back to a lower state of energy before building you up again. You can consider this a first step into the world of the tantric lifestyle, as there is still plenty to learn.

How to Make a Booking

It has become very easy to connect with sexy models who can give you a hot massage. Many websites have profiles of all their models and you can quickly search through photos to find the one that strikes your fancy. The profile page is filled with all sorts of helpful info, like pricing and the services they offer. Sometimes there is even a bit of a bio, which helps you learn a bit about their personality. Do you think you will prefer someone who is a bit more shy and demure to start, or do you want someone who is wild and exciting right from the start? Keep in mind you can try the opposite next weekend!

You will find that there is either a phone number or email address to contact the escort, or the agency that represents them. This back-and-forth is a good way to ask any questions you have about what will happen or what you might be interested in trying out.

When you book, there is sometimes an option of in-call (you go to their flat) or out-call (they go to a location of your choosing, like a hotel room). Some models only offer one or the other, so make sure you are willing to travel if you have to. It’s also quite helpful if you have more than one model chosen, in case your first or second pick is already booked solid, or chatting with them briefly makes you change your mind.

A Sexy Learning Experience

One of the best things about meeting up with an expert in any field is that you can then take what you’ve learned and apply that to other areas in your life. You might not think this is true at first when it comes to just a massage for yourself, but whatever tips and techniques you’ve got, you can use the next time you’re having some naughty times with your partner. In fact, one of the best ways is to offer to give a massage back to them, and as you are rubbing their sexy body down you can ask them what best turns them on in this situation.

No matter who you are, becoming a lot more educated and confident in the bedroom is a great thing. The best thing about getting an expert to help is that you know their tips are coming from someone who knows what they’re talking about, and there’s plenty of places to read up on it as well.

It can also be a very good experience if you are rather unfamiliar with sexual encounters because many escorts are happy to get this part of your life off on the right foot. Even before you lay down for the massage, it can be a good opportunity to get comfortable with flirting and small talk, which is definitely going to be helpful going forward.

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